squeegee for gelcoat

Flex-Mold Rubber Squeegees

Ensure a proper fit for your Flex-Mold with the proper tools. Our specially designed rubber squeegees are the proper weight to push out air pockets and excess gelcoat under the Flex-Mold without damaging the pattern. Reinforced with a rounded, hardwood rail for easy grip and maneuverability. Available in five sizes.

  • 6″ squeegee = $11.99
  • 12″ squeegee = $18.99
  • 18″ squeegee = $25.99
  • 24″squeegee = $33.99
  • 36″ squeegee = $48.99
edge tool for beveling transition

Flex-Mold Edge Tools

Ensure a consistent, smooth transition from the Flex-Mold to any adjacent surface with our patented diamond edge tool. The ergonomic handle provides comfort and a steady grip. Available in 30° degree and 45° degree angles with a choice of fine, medium, and heavy grit.

FLEX-MOLD patented diamond edge tool are designed to create the transition between the smooth gelcoat and non-skid areas.

Cost: $258 each

  • 30° 80/100 grit (Item TLF30)
  • 30° 170/200 grit (Item TLF30)
  • 30° 270/325 grit (Item TLA30)
  • 45° 80/100 grit (Item TLF45)
  • 45° 170/200 grit (Item TLC45)
Earlex Viscosity Cup (Ford #4) | Rockler Woodworking and Hardware

#4 Ford Cup

The Ford Cup is a viscosity measurement device widely used in the paint industry. It is recommended to ensure your gelcoat is the correct viscosity (should run through the cup at 50-60 seconds).

We offer a standard plastic #4 Ford Cup.
Cost: $15 per cup