Accessories We Recommend

Flex-Mold Rubber Squeegee

Ensure a proper fit for your Flex-Mold with the proper tools. Our specially designed rubber squeegees are the proper weight to push out air pockets and excess gelcoat under the Flex-Mold without damaging the pattern. Reinforced with a rounded, hardwood rail for easy grip and maneuverability. Available in five sizes.

6″ squeegee = $10.99
12″ squeegee = $17.99
18″ squeegee = $24.99
24″ squeegee = $31.99
36″ squeegee = $46.99

Flex-Mold Edge Tools

Ensure a consistent, smooth transition from the Flex-Mold to any adjacent surface with our patented diamond edge tool. Ergonomic handle provides comfort and a steady grip. Available in 30° degree and 45° degree angles with choice of fine, medium and heavy grit.

Cost: $246 each

30° 80/100 grit (Item TLF30)
30° 170/200 grit (Item TLF30)
30° 270/325 grit (Item TLA30)
45° 80/100 grit (Item TLF45)
45° 170/200 grit (Item TLC45)

#4 Ford Cup

The Ford Cup is a viscosity measurement device widely used in the paint industry. We recommend its use to ensure your gelcoat is the correct viscosity (should run through the cup at 40 seconds). We offer a standard plastic #4 Ford Cup.

Cost: Call for Pricing