AN Series: Non-skid & Textured Patterns for Plugs & Molds

  • Quick and Easy to Apply
  • Pre-Applied Adhesive
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Available in sizes 1’ x 1’ up to 4’ x 12’ depending upon pattern and builders’ requirements.

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General Information

Plug surface can have 220 grit scratch to a polished wax free surface for good adhesion. Bare wood must be sealed.

A water based release agent has been applied to the Flex-Mold. Its purpose is to provide some lubrication to aid smoothing down during application and offer added release protection. We recommend that you apply your own release over the entire surface.

Some vinyl ester gelcoats are affected by chemicals in our Flex-Molds. With the application of a silicon free wax and a PVA release system will solve this problem. We recommend that you pre-test your brand of gelcoat and release system. One pull is all that can generally be expected. Some have reported more. We believe because of the softness of the rubber and the fact that gelcoat shrinks down tightly, it will form thousands of little suction cups. If the FLEX-MOLD comes out with mold, it is easily peeled out. If mold seems more difficult than usual to separate from plug, use steady pressure and give the adhesive time to release.

Important Information

Bottom edge of Flex-Mold should be radiused into plug surface with any fillet material of your choice or you can sand a radius once the female mold is made.

WARNING!!! It is important to smooth edges or the result will be poor appearance of the part and chipping out of the mold.