Interested in Our Marine Application?

Consideration for your choice of non-skid patterns should include some of the following:

  • Ability to function as a “limited slip” surface
  • Appearance
  • Cleanability for customer
  • Feel on bare feet
  • Repairability in factory and in field
  • Wax buildup in mold in patterns with sharp points or little pits as with sand or roll on patterns
  • Mold maintenance and repair
  • Ease of application to tooling
  • Will patterns appearance be consistent from part to part and from boat to boat? A spray or roll on application will change with personnel change.

FLEX-MOLD has successfully produced over 60 patterns that mold makers have been using for the last 20 years. These patterns are produced for repair as well. The flat top design helps prevent wax buildup. Spacing is such that a scrub brush will clean them easily. Our designs incorporate ample draft to provide for easy release of parts and the “limited slip” characteristics are good with shoes or bare feet.

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