Flex-Mold Patterns for Marine Applications

Extremely durable and easy to clean, Gibco Flex-Mold non-skid patterns are the ideal choice for tooling, production and repair of non-skid deck areas of boats. For over 30 years, tool and production mold builders for the Marine Industry have used Flex-Mold to add non-skid patterns to their plugs and molds, and repair damaged production molds and parts accidentally damaged during construction. Flex-Mold is the #1 choice due to its:

  • Ability to function as a “limited slip” surface
  • No wax buildup as with sand or roll-on patterns
  • Consistent pattern unlike spray or roll-on applications
  • Clean-ability – ample spacing in pattern design limits particles getting trapped
  • Comfortable feel on bare feet
  • Appearance – over 50 patterns to select from
  • Ease of application to tooling
  • Ability to be easily maintained and repaired in the field
  • Check out our UL listed 100 Series patterns.

Statistics show that the average slip and fall settlement is between $15,000 and $45,000. 

With our new G4 peel and stick product, you can place down non-skid in any hazardous area to prevent slippage. G4 can come in any color and shape desired, fitting all design schemes.

Contact us to learn more about our molds and how we can add a beautiful, durable, limited-slip surface to your boats.