Re-Deck | The permanent non-skid repair solution

Our new peel & stick solution for repair and custom applications are now available!


Re-Deck peel & stick solution is a polyester resin-based flexible sheet, using our most popular male 100 series patterns. The sheet is about 1/16th to 1/8th of an inch thick.  This sheet can be cut to shape with quality shears or a CNC machine.
This non-skid can be applied using our optional pressure-sensitive adhesive or by using your favorite epoxy for a permanent, true bond. We recommend using MAS epoxies.

  • Use on large and small repair applications
  • Great for customizing a new deck
  • Perfect for prototypes
  • User can color match by spraying with gelcoat or paint
  • Available in sizes 1’x1′ to 4’x12′


True bond technology makes G4 a permanent solution for deck repair.
Apply polyester-based G4 to any composite surface with epoxy, to create a permanent bond.
We recommend MAS epoxies.

This material has the same properties as a molded non-skid and is more durable than an EVA foam non-skid solution.

*Peel and Stick adhesive is not technically permanent.  This solution is only permanent when adhered using epoxy resin. In order to get a permanent peel and stick solution, using our adhesive, you must seal the edges with a polyurethane or gelcoat putty.*


Sizing: Available in sizes 1’x1′ up to 4′ x12′ depending upon pattern and builders’ requirements.

Color Customization: Available in Oyster White, White, Pigeon Blue, and custom colors are available upon request, at an additional charge. You can color matched by spraying with your desired gelcoat or paint.

Personalize: Customizable patterns are available upon request; send us your pattern, we’ll make you a repeatable one.

Two options are available.

  • With the adhesive
    We have a high-quality adhesive that can be applied in-house.
  • Without adhesive
    For customers who prefer to apply adhesive or epoxy to the Flexmold.