About Gibco Flex-Mold

Flex-Mold is dedicated to developing products and methods for solving some of the problems associated with the tooling, production and repair of non-skid surfaces.

For over 20 years, we have successfully produced over 60 patterns for new installation and repairs. Our non-skid patterns are used by mold makers around the world to produce non-skid surfaces on fiberglass boat molds, fiberglass showers and tubs, waterpark decks, pools, wheelchair ramps, steps and other areas where a non-skid surface is desired. We also produce flexible molds designed for repairing existing non-skid patterns used on hundreds of production fiberglass and one-off boats.

Flex-Mold is the pattern of choose for many tool and production mold builders because:

  • The “limited slip” characteristics are good with shoes or bare feet
  • Flat top design helps prevent wax buildup, unlike with sand or roll on patterns
  • Provides consistent pattern unlike spray or roll on applications
  • Clean-ability – ample spacing in pattern design limits particles getting trapped
  • Comfortable feel on bare feet and hands
  • Repair-ability in field
  • Appearance – over 60 patterns to select from
  • Ease of application to tooling
  • Use for mold maintenance and repairs

We can assist your personnel in tooling application and in factory repairs, and dealers with warranty repairs. Our objective is to help you solve some of your production problems so you can focus on selling your products.

Please contact us directly to learn more about how our patterns can add beauty and slip resistance to your fiberglass and composite products and uses. Already own a product with a Flex-Mold pattern? We can assist you with any repairs or questions you have.